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Songwriting is the perfect outlet for me.  

So true

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I Become You- original song by Bryan Flynn. All rights reserved.

When I wake up in the morning/I’m still tired of the mourning/ I slip into your soiled robe/as I stand shivering on the porch/Overlooking the plantation/with the dying vegetation/ I can’t do a thing for them today/ In my current vegetable state/ So I become you/ I become you

There is little space for her/ Between the realistically brutal girl/ And I stare into her burned hands/ And I finally understand/ He’ll never be in love with me/ And I’ve got to get some sleep/ I’ll see him later on today/ And I’ll start your greatest mistake/ So I become you/ I become you

There’s a thing called decency/ It seems to have eluded you/ After intimacy/ I was arrested at your favorite room/ I’m sitting all alone/ Looking through the glory hole/ And I see another lost soul/ He kneels on the porcelain chair/”Don’t stop yet, I’m almost there”/ So I become you/ I become you

I have found all your drugs/ And I must abuse them/ There they go purple girls/ I’m trying to get out of the reins/ But inside is the maze/ Now I can’t even move/ I’m in the hospital just like you/ So I’ve become you/ I’ve become you/ I’ve become you


How a true friend enters your home.

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Hey Sinner- Original song by Bryan Flynn

Every Sunday/ It’s the same old thing/ You come running to me/ After church with your family/ You say/ “I don’t know what will become of me/ The songs they sing/ The hatred they teeth/ Will explode inside me”/ I say/ “I refuse to paint their dots on my skin/ I refuse to swallow their creed/ I don’t need their sympathy”/ Remember they’re just hiding/ They will always be all knowing/ But there are better things we could be doing

Hey sinner/ Come to me/ Wrap your legs around my waist/ Do you really care what they think/ Just concentrate on your own beliefs

So we return/ Stripped to the new world/ Feeling more attractive then before/ So we go to bed until we are sore/ You stand tall until the crusades begin/ Then you cower behind me/ I say/ “Sir just take my hand”/ Remember we are strong/ We have faith/ We have our love/ Let’s show them they just hate/ In the name of their God

Hey sinner/ Come to me/ Wrap your legs around my waist/ The hate will end eventually/ Let’s finish/ Then we’ll change history

Then you say/ “Okay, show me how perverted you can be”/ I say “Do you want to test me seriously”/ “Yes”/ “How about sex in the baptism pool/ Then we’ll steal a bottle of their wine/ When we are through/ Then you can drink the blood of Christ of my body/ When I get close/ Shall I scream holy holy/ Then we’ll get it up again/ and fuck in front of the congregation/ Show them how deep you can take me/ From any direction

Hey sinner/ cum on me/ Put your legs over my shoulders/ We prayed/ The hate ended officially/ I told you we could change history


Would You Run- By Bryan Flynn

In the crook of my arm/ you looked so safe and strong/ but I know we’ll hate each other/ when the drugs wear off/ and the arguments we have/ maybe I could forgive/ if I knew we wouldn’t have them all over again/ You’re disappointing me as much as I disappoint you/ The high of requited love has worn off/ what to do now that the honeymoon is over/ did you really think we’d be the ones to last forever/ what if i let go of my politics and you your inhibitions/ could we function together and keep our independence/

Did I just want another friend/ Did I just want sex/ Was I just avoiding any further abandonment/ But if I showed you who I really was/ Would you strip again or would you run/

Do you remember the first morning after we met/ How i tried my best not to wake you before I left/ Then the weekend passed in just over an hour/ And the butter dish/ Yes I remember/ What if dropped my anxieties/ And you found your worth/ Could we build a relationship/ On strictly honest terms/

Did I just want another friend/ Did i just want sex/ Was I just avoiding any further abandonment/ But If I should you who I really was/ Would you strip again/ Or would you run

Now I showed you who I really am/ And you’re strong enough/ You’re still standing/

Could you ever be the man that I need you to be/ I won’t try to change you/ Because I’d never let you change me/ In a few months or years/ We may want someone else/ But for now/ I want no other taste in my mouth


Maybe I Am

Maybe I left the screen door open/ and now I’ve become another victim/ of the hives and the other all natural things/ until I meet the Queen of the Bees/ Then I will cook and drink champagne with you/ Before I place my head inside the microwave/ if you need me I’ll be with Sofia/ Acting feeble again in the living room/ 

Maybe I’m the romantic/Maybe I’m wild/ Maybe I’m just an idiot/ Maybe I’m her child/ Maybe I’m the leftover/ Maybe I’m the fifth Golden Girl

Once again/ I’ve gone back under the pink/ While everyone else willingly eats their greens/ and me/ I don’t really think this town has grown/ Except for all of the outlet malls/ And tell me now/ When will I find sanity/ Now that the apocalypse destroyed everything/ If you need me I’ll be hanging with the Candlelight Queen

Maybe I’m the rotten seed/ Maybe I’m a liar/ Maybe I’m addicted/ Maybe I’m inspired/ Maybe I’m the constant frown/ Maybe I’m just upside down

They say/ She gave her baby up for good/ But I’m still searching for him in the woods/ Where I faced all of the green gummy bears/ If I don’t find him there I’ll go searching elsewhere/ Then I will fall for Rasputin/ And he will help me improve my magic/ If you need me I’ll be manipulating the elements

Maybe I’m the magician/ Maybe I just a fag/ Maybe I’m the heathen/ Maybe I’ve gone mad/ Maybe I’m the evangelist/ Maybe I’m really possessed

Lately I can’t look at myself/ without wanting to lose 20 pounds/ So I’ll get married today before the flower girl escapes/ Then I’ll dye my dark hair blonde/ so we can be spared by the father and his son/ If you need me I’ll be memorizing Corinthians

Maybe I’m the husband/ Maybe I’m just his bride/ Maybe I’m perverted/ Maybe I’m alive/ Maybe I’m the Son of Sam/ Maybe I’m the courtesan

Maybe they discovered that she’s a witch/ And now they are chasing us through the village/ so I will be thrown onto the stakes/ for these weird quirks/ that’s the price we always pay/ I finally found my worth/ Beneath ten thousand pounds of dirt/ if you need me/ start searching for my bag of bones